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Case Studies

Melanie, Grace and Nancy know where they want to go and with the systems now available to them, implementation has been both swift and successful. This has allowed them to develop their world class 'Experience' that sets them apart in the market-place.

Debbie has taken the ActionCOACH learnings and systems and implemented them into her business with fantastic effect. She now has a well organised business and the structure implemented by Debbie has allowed her to step back further to look at what is next for the…

Once we started working with Alexis, she realised very quickly that in order to get to where she knew Fortis could get to, she had to start 'letting go' and working 'ON' her business, rather than 'IN' it.

From a starting point of questioning the long term viability of the business, Heather realised that with business coaching, you're either 'all in' or you're 'not in' and there is no hiding from the difficult questions you don't really want to answer.

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