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John McHale is a high-performance, multi-award-winning business coach, who provides external, impartial, expert business coaching to high-potential business owners like you in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region.


He will teach, guide, challenge and support you to be the successful business owner you want to be.  Whether it is to earn more, work less or get more from your business and your life; he will work with you to set and achieve aspirational goals, create sustainable, profitable growth; all whilst helping you to be able to enjoy the freedom to live your dreams.

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John’s coaching is powerfully effective and with a range of services available, his coaching is affordable for most businesses.  His 1:1 coaching also comes with a moneyback guarantee – increase your sales by more than your investment in coaching or he will coach you for free until you do!


Helping GOOD businesses become GREAT!

Our guarantee offers a NO-RISK option.

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Ask Yourself … Why Did You Start Your Business?

What did you hope to achieve?  Perhaps it was:

  • to take control and work for yourself
  • to create an amazing business and be the best in your industry
  • Have the freedom to spend more time doing what you enjoy and time with your family

… or simply just to have a better life for you and your loved ones.

How has it worked out so far?

For many of the business owners we have spoken to and worked with over the years, the reality of what the business delivers is often very different.  Running a business is challenging and more immense than they could ever have imagined when they set out on their journey.

When asked what is the one thing they would like to change in the business now, most business owners say they want to get more control of their time, build a great team they can trust to do a job well or simply to make more money.

John McHale coaching a client

Your problems are not unusual!

John understands all that goes into running and growing your business;  the long hours and constantly having to solve problems that others create; not sleeping properly with the worries or arguments over work issues and nowhere near the revenues or profits expected.  Even the little things can seem beyond reach, like taking holidays or simply having time off to enjoy the things you use to love to do at a weekend.  Because if you are not there doing it or making the decisions, who else can you trust that will?

We can help

We want your business to be successful and thriving.  We work with you to show you how to make your business easier to run and more profitable so that you have a business that works for you and not the other way around.

Let us show you how


Being in business should give you a better life.  Instead of missing those important life events or being able to take holiday you can enjoy without working crazy hours before you go and after you get back or even just being able to finish early to pick t

he kids up or put them to bed, we want you to be able to have a business where you have the choice. We can help get your life back.


We have thousands of proven, targeted strategies that enable you to:

  • get more done in less timeJohn McHale Business Coach
  • create an amazing culture that attracts the best in your industry and that you can trust to do the job
  • gain more control of your business
  • become more efficient and productive

If this resonates with you, consider what you want to achieve that just seems out of reach at the moment.  Start to make things happen by booking a free consultation with John now.

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Is Coaching For Me?

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