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Lockdown to do list

Lockdown To Do List

Being in Lockdown and forced to close your business has its advantages.  This time of lockdown is a gift for any business owner. Finally, you’ve been given the time to get to work ‘ON’ your business. Invest your time wisely in these critical areas that will allow you and your business to not only survive…

Survive and Thrive

Survive and Thrive

Survive and Thrive The world has changed. Business has changed. Overnight, the normal ways of doing business have forever been altered and every business industry has been impacted by the COVID 19 Pandemic. Business has been impacted in ways that we could never have predicted. It is our goal, that with the information in this…

Super charge your business magazine

Super charge your business

In this magazine find out how to super charge your business: Ways to Use Street Wise Marketing to Grow your Business 8 Ways to Motvate a Remote Team Tips to Nail your Next Presentation How to Write a Fool Proof Business Plan How to Integrate Tech into your Business Master the Art of Closing a…

Pivot checklist

Pivot checklist

The world has changed. Business has changed. Every business industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and we are facing an unprecedented economic crisis worldwide. Business has been impacted in ways we could never have predicted. With our Pivot checklist, our goal to help you gain the knowledge to help your business survive and…

Make your business resilient

Make your business resilient

Make your Business Resilient so it can survive and thrive, no matter what the economy is like.  Why some businesses thrive while others go under during economic crisis remains a puzzle to many business-owners. Often, they mistakenly assume that all businesses must suffer through recessionary cycles. In reality, some companies are essentially recession-proof, and it’s…


Dream Teams

As every successful entrepreneur knows, people are the greatest asset of any company. A dream team makes it possible to accomplish powerful objectives. But the biggest liability can be people.  This is often blamed on the person recruited and not the person who hired them.  Business owners complain they cannot find qualified, competent staff.  But…

5 ways to boost profits

5 ways to boost profits

To build yourself a bigger or better business there are only FIVE numbers to be concerned with.  The 5 Ways to Boost Profits tool focuses on achieving small improvements in each of these areas.  These bring massive increases in profits of 61%.  This simple but effective system enables you to identify where to improve.  and…

Business Marketing Plan

Business Marketing Plan

Use Our Simple Business Planning tool to help you develop your Business Marketing Plan.  Set your 3-5 year goals, 1 year goal and quarterly plans.  Consider where you are now and where you would like to be in terms of revenue, profit and team.  Work step by step through the planning tool to determine a…

Work fewer hours

Work Less and Make More

Those who have the time to pursue their passions and dreams, have discovered how to work less and make more and really experience what life has to offer. Knowing how to spend time is a skill more valuable than knowing how to make, manage, and spend money. Entrepreneurs who want to be truly successful have…

12 essential characteristics of an entrepreneur

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a businessperson who starts a business and also takes great risk in doing so. Not all business people are true entrepreneurs.  Not all entrepreneurs are created equal. Discover the 12 essential characteristics of an Entrepreneur.  These include how much independence the business owner demonstrates. Another is the level of leadership and the…

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