Our Vision and Mission – Abundance in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire through Business Re-Education

Vision – Our Why?


Our vision and mission is to work with forward thinking business owners (whether they be small, medium or large in size), who are willing to learn and grow achieve their goals and not just survive but achieve abundance for themselves, their teams and for the local business community.

We want to achieve something amazing in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire communities.  Our vision is to help business owners thrive and achieve success to create abundance that impacts the whole community. The more businesses we can help, the greater the added value and the bigger impact we can have. When one business grows and adds employees, those extra employees and their families have more to spend in the local community.  This creates more customers for other businesses, thus impacting their growth too.  We want the impact of our coaching to spread far and wide.

Changing lives

We all know running a business is tough.  There’s never enough hours in the day, too many problems created by others and nowhere near the revenues or profits initially expected. Our clients choose us because they see the obvious £ value to their business but that isn’t all.  They work with us because solving these issues has on a real impact on their lives and the wider impact felt within their teams.  Yes we help with sales, marketing, finance and increasing the bottom line etc. but the real tangible results are so much more. Little things like:

  • being able to take time off to pick kids up from school or go to important family events
  • taking family holidays for the first time in years
  • having time to do things they used to enjoy doing at a weekend
  • or simply being able to sleep at night without the stresses, worries or arguments over money or work issues.

Our greatest reward is hearing our clients tell us we have given them their life back. We thrive on the success we bring to people and this drives us on to want to replicate it with as many local businesses as possible.

Protecting businesses

And, of course, we have experienced first-hand the impact failed business can have on people and on their families. The statistics are shocking.  Only 20% of businesses get to their 5th birthday with just 4% reaching their 10th.  The failure rate is far too high and our vision is change this. We have the knowledge and experience to do something about it and in doing so, can protect the lives of employees and their families.

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Mission – Our How?


We help our clients achieve abundance by educating them how to improve their business performance.  We know business owners are experts in their fields but that doesn’t also mean they are experts in business.  Our mission is to re-educate them on the business of business.

Impartiality and Accountability

We do this by bringing impartiality and an outside perspective that those within the business can’t always see.   But it is the accountability we provide that really makes coaching works. Those who try to get fit without a personal trainer know it is easy to let other things get in the way, to make excuses and not to work as hard or as fast.  We are the personal trainer for your business.  We know when to push and how hard to push.  We remove the limitations that are believed to be true but are not.  Business doesn’t get easier, our clients just get better.

Belief and care

Our talent is in asking searching questions to get to the core of the real issues.  We combine our skills and expertise with our client’s expert industry knowledge and then teach, guide, challenge and support them to achieve their best.  We believe in our clients and we care.  In fact, they always comment that we believe in them way more than they believe in themselves.  We deliver the difficult message that clients need to hear but we do it with integrity, honesty and compassion.  These values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours are found in our 14 Points of Culture and form the very basis of everything we do on a daily basis.



Is Coaching for Me?

Are you an ambitious business owner who wants to create abundance for you, your family, your team and your local area?
Do you want your business to have a better impact on your life and to be able to enjoy more of what you love?
Do you understand that to grow your business, you need to grow yourself and are you willing to learn?

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