Because being in business should give you a better life!

As a fellow business owner, I fully understand the ’blood, sweat and tears’ that go into not only running, but growing a profitable business. I understand what it is like to worry about the day-to-day survival of the business and making the amount of money needed to run your business and personal life. I also understand what it’s like to put in long hours and wonder what happened to the dreams and vision for life and future.

I’m here to help you change all of that! From years of experience, I have gained the knowledge and skills to help you align values and visions and apply the correct strategies and tactics to get your business to the next level.  I am:

  • A dynamic, motivated and a results orientated professional with a proven business and corporate track record of success in helping business owners achieve high profitable growth year on year
  • An MBA trained advisor to companies on development of their organisations in areas of; Finance, Operational Effectiveness, Sales and Marketing, Growth
  • Understanding of everyone’s idea of success being different – so work on clarity and alignment in order to implement business goals with a healthy work life balance
  • An expert at developing teams and people with many years experience of building motivated, capable and winning teams

Motto: “All Winners have Coaches”

Current clients say about me:

“John has boundless energy and enthusiasm which is infectious—working with him is never dull!”
“He is a down-to-earth communicator who dislikes jargon and really understands what drives people.”
“John cares enough not to tell clients what they want to hear, but instead will function as a critical friend who tells it like it is. He will hold you to account to bring about the changes needed to create the business you want, to give you the life you deserve.”

I am dedicated to my family and to having quality time together.  I firmly believe that business should give you a better life and, as your coach, my goal is to help put the FUN back in your business and your life!

Coaching is not for the faint hearted – it takes hard work and commitment. However, the rewards, both personal and for the business, far outweigh the investment.

I am here to make the complicated things in business simple.  We will work together to redefine your dreams and vision, and then we will put into place the necessary systems, strategies, and tactics that will allow you to turn your business venture into a thriving, successful one.

There is no time like the present, right now, to get started on your dreams and goals. If you are ready to move your business to the next level, contact me today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Find out how you can change the way you do business to achieve the results you deserve!

“If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you always got.”  Tony Robbins


P.S. If you are a business owner, the first step to achieving your goals is to take the “Business Health Check.”


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