We are here to provide leaders of local businesses with support, education, strategies and skills to continue developing and growing throughout the pandemic and beyond.


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Guidance on Financial Support available 

Financial Support in North Lincs     Business Support in the Humber

City of Lincoln Business Support Grant Schemes     Doncaster Business Support Grants


General Business Advice in times of Crisis

Detailed business help sheets covering essential topics are listed below. Click on the link for access to download each one:

  • Business Pivot Checklist
  • Information on Furlough Leave
  • Digital Marketing Tools and Tips
  • A Pandemic Business Checklist
  • Crisis communication Tip Sheet
  • 11 ways to Double your Customer Base in 4 Weeks
  • Work Fewer Hours
  • Make Your Business Resilient to Economic Downswings


Free Business Helpsheets to Download       Pandemic Resources to get your business running again


Government advice on Coronavirus


UK Gov COVID-19 Working Safely Guidance     UK Gov COVID-19 Business Support

UK Gov COVID-19 Lockdown Guidance      UK Gov COVID-19 Sring 2021Roadmap



If your business has been forced to close or you are on reduced hours, now is an excellent time to improve your Business Education. Please join us for a series of free training videos led by Brad Sugars, the Founder and Chairman of ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching company. To access the 10-day 5-hour video training program, please register below.

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I am regularly asked to recommend books to clients that will help them overcome their business challenges. I have put together a brief recommended reading list for business owners and budding entrepreneurs that can be accessed below.

Recommended Reading List